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Tracheostomy Mask Paediatric (Each)

Tracheostomy Mask Paediatric (Each)


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Targeted Nebulized Therapy for people with Tracheostomies

The Hudson RCI Tracheostomy Mask Paediatric (Each) is designed to deliver nebulized medication effectively and comfortably to young patients with tracheostomy tubes. This mask, from a trusted brand in respiratory care, features:

  • 360° Swivel Connector: Allows for flexible positioning and increased comfort for the child. The connector ensures a proper seal and minimizes tube strain during treatment.
  • Clear Construction: Made from a clear material for easy visualization of the child's face, facilitating monitoring of their breathing and comfort level.
  • Soft, Pediatric-Sized Design: Conforms comfortably to the contours of a young patient's face without causing irritation or pressure.
  • Universal Connector: Attaches securely to standard nebulizer tubing and tracheostomy tubes, offering compatibility with most equipment.

Benefits of the Hudson RCI Tracheostomy Mask Paediatric:

  • Effective Nebulized Treatment: Delivers medication directly to the airways, maximizing its effectiveness.
  • Increased Comfort: Swivel connector and soft design ensure a comfortable experience for young patients during nebulization therapy.
  • Improved Monitoring: Clear construction allows for easy observation of the child's face and breathing.
  • Universal Compatibility: Attaches securely to most nebulizer and tracheostomy equipment.

Important Information:

  • This product is intended for single-patient use.
  • Please consult with a healthcare professional before using this product with your child.
  • Replace the mask when it shows signs of wear or damage.



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