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Tena Liners Extra Long (24pkt)

Tena Liners Extra Long (24pkt)

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The extra length of this long liner offers greater security, absorbency and coverage, while its Dry Fast Core provides superior dryness. Smaller and more absorbent than many regular period pads, our extra long incontinence liners are specifically designed to manage the thin, fast flow of a bladder leak.

For additional discretion, Fresh Odour Control stops odours developing. Made of breathable fabric with BodyShape™ fit, our extra long incontinence liners are extremely comfortable.

Flat packed without individual wrapping, this box is ideal for your bathroom or underwear drawer.

Recommended for:

  • Extra length, coverage and absorbency
  • Frequent stress incontinence when laughing coughing or sneezing
  • More strenuous sports such as tennis or netball, to last the entire game
  • Very light urge incontinence – a sudden need to get to the toilet

Pkt 24