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Conveen Uridome Self Sealing 25mm (30)

Conveen Uridome Self Sealing 25mm (30)

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A one-piece urine collecting system is a discreet way to manage male urinary incontinence.

A Conveen Self-Sealing Urisheath is worn on the penis and connected by a tube to a bag that collects urine. It funnels urine away to the collecting bag, which is strapped to your leg under your trousers. Urine is simply emptied into a toilet when the bag becomes full.

Conveen Self-Sealing Urisheath features:

  • Anti-leakage design
  • Easy-on and secure application
  • Can be applied while wearing gloves
  • Dependable adhesive protects the skin
  • Bulb port allows unobstructed flow
  • Optimal comfort and skin-friendliness
  • Anti-kink bellows end wide outlet for secure connection to a urine bag
  • Applicator grip and release strip for easy, smooth roll-out and secure application

Conveen External Catheter 25mm Box of 30