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Allevyn AG Gentle Border Adhesive Dressing 10x10cm (10pkt)

Allevyn AG Gentle Border Adhesive Dressing 10x10cm (10pkt)

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ALLEVYN Gentle Border dressing has an advanced triple-layered construction which combines an absorbent hydrocellular pad sandwiched between a perforated silicone gel adhesive wound contact layer and a highly permeable waterproof outer film. Foams are comfortable, conformable and are highly efficient at absorbing large amounts of wound exudate whilst maintaining a moist wound environment. They are easy to use and leave no residue in the wound upon removal. Can be used as a primary or secondary dressing. The ALLEVYN Ag dressings contain the added benefit of silver suphadiazine within the foam pad to provide a sustained and effective bacterial kill when an antimicrobial dressing is required. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Rapid and sustained antibacterial action 
  • Optimal exudate management 
  • A unique two-in-one solution for exuding chronic wounds 
  • Sustained antibacterial activity for 7 days 
  • Triple-action technology absorbs, retains, and transpires exudate to provide optimal fluid management 
  • Provides an optimal moist wound environment for the promotion of faster closure 
  • Gentle adhesive allows for less painful dressing changes 
  • Goes on tightly and stays in place for up to 7 days