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Resource Thicken Up Clear

Resource Thicken Up Clear

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THICKENUP® Clear is the clear solution for dysphagia. Our exclusive patented xanthan gum formulation offers a clear solution for patients and clinicians to thicken a wide range of hold and cold drinks and foods.

THICKENUP® Clear benefits:

  • Instant Food and Drink Thickener, in line with IDDSI^ guidelines (Levels 1-4)
  • Transparent, tasteless, odourless and lump-free
  • Preserves natural appearance
  • Improves compliance
  • Easy to mix and easy to measure
  • Rapid thickening and stabilisation

Innovative Technology: Patented process and exclusive Xanthan-gum blend. Its proven amylase resistance ensures stable consistency during the entire swallowing process.