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Tubifast 2-Way Stretch Bandage - Green 5cm x 10m ROLL

Tubifast 2-Way Stretch Bandage - Green 5cm x 10m ROLL


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The Tubifast® 2-Way Stretch Bandage - Green 5cm x 10m Roll is an innovative, elasticated tubular bandage designed for secure and flexible dressing retention. This bandage stretches both radially and longitudinally, ensuring a comfortable fit and allowing complete freedom of movement for the patient. It is ideal for securing dressings without the need for tapes or pins, making it a practical and efficient choice for various medical applications.

Suitable for Limb Sizes:

Green Line (8cm - 15cm): Suitable for small limbs and joints, such as wrists and ankles.

Key Benefits:

  • Dual-Directional Stretch: Provides flexibility and comfort by stretching both widthways and lengthways, accommodating different body contours without restricting movement.
  • Lightweight and Breathable: The open-knit structure promotes air circulation, helping to prevent maceration and skin irritation.
  • Non-Sensitizing and Latex-Free: Safe for use on sensitive skin, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Easy to Use: Can be cut to the desired length and applied quickly without the need for additional fasteners.
  • Secure Fit: Holds dressings securely in place, ensuring they remain effective without causing constriction.

Chart Size for Tubifast 2-Way Stretch Bandage:

Product Code Line Product Limb Size Width
2434 RED Small Limbs 3.5" – 7.1" (9 – 18 cm) 1.5" (3.5 cm)
2436 GREEN Small and Medium Limbs 5.5" – 9.5" (14 – 24 cm) 2" (5 cm)
2438 BLUE Large Limbs 9.5" – 15.8" (24 – 40 cm) 3" (7.5 cm)
2440 YELLOW Extra-large Limbs, Heads, Children's Trunks 13.8" – 25.2" (35 – 64 cm) 4.5" (10.75 cm)
2444 PURPLE Large Adult Trunks 25.2" – 51.2" (64 – 130 cm) 8" (20 cm)


  • Dressing Retention: Keeps wound dressings in place securely and comfortably.
  • Patch Wrapping: Suitable for wet or dry wrapping techniques.
  • Undercast Stockinette: Can be used as a protective layer under casts.
  • Skin Covering: Provides effective skin protection for any part of the body.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Select the appropriate width of Tubifast bandage using the color-coded guide.
  2. Cut the bandage to the required length using scissors.
  3. Stretch the bandage over the affected area, ensuring it covers the dressing securely.
  4. Position the bandage to provide light, even pressure, ensuring it does not constrict movement.

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash to avoid fraying.
  • If used with emollients, soak in hot water before washing in warm water (40°C).
  • Air dry for reuse.



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