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Child Care

The easy & affordable solution to managing consumables purchasing for childcare centres

At Trugrade Medical, we understand how crazy busy working in chid care is. To help relieve the burden of cumbersome and time consuming ordering of consumables from different suppliers, we offer a broad range of affordable and great quality products that ensure you get all the medical, cleaning and personal care consumable products you need from one place.

We give you the freedom to choose how you want to order products, offering multiple options from telephone or email ordering. We keep all your order history in our system to make it easy to ensure you don’t need to worry about sizes or brands and can also create standard regular orders to save the need to contact us.

Our team are always looking for new and improved products to ensure we can offer you a great range of affordable products.

We have built our reputation on providing outstanding customer service and are committed to ensure we make things easy for child care centres to source medical, cleaning and personal care consumable products with minimal effort. We can also share our knowledge of different product options and source any medical consumables items should you require anything beyond our existing range.