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Collection: Continence Care

For some people, it is necessary to use continence aids. The use of continence products should manage any leakage and maintain the person’s dignity. Trugrade stock a variety of products to help manage all different levels of support required, we stock a variety of brands, shapes and sizes in both disposable and reusable options. The choice of protection differs for everyone, depending upon:

  • Type of incontinence;
  • Amount of protection required (capacity)
  • Your physical capabilities or that of the person you are caring for;
  • Personal preferences (e.g. colour, comfort, size); and
  • Cost

We stock all the leading brands of disposable incontinence care products including Trugrade Enhance, Molicare, Lille, Tena, Depend and Valu-i.

Our range of pull-up pants, all-in-ones, inserts and booster pads caters for all shapes and sizes, and also stock specialised products that cater for men.

We also supply a variety of reusable pants and swim wear that offer incontinence protection.

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